From the cinema to your own comic

Creating a superhero sequence
Recommended age
De 6 a 8 años
Approximate duration
90 min
Date and venue
Calle del Conde Duque, 11 28015 Madrid
11/18/2023 5:00 PM-6:30 PM
From the cinema to your own comic
In this workshop, organised by the Primer Plano film school for children and young people, children will learn how to transform a scene from a superhero film into an exciting comic strip sequence. Through practical exercises, they will work on the following key aspects:

  • Selection techniques: they will learn how to select an impactful and relevant scene from a superhero movie to turn into their comic strip sequence.
  • Visual narrative: how to use comic strip language, framing, focus and composition to tell a visually engaging story.
  • Capturing key moments: how to identify and portray the most exciting and outstanding moments from the chosen scene, capturing the essence of the action and drama.
  • Style and expression: the children discover their own artistic style in drawing the characters and settings, giving them a unique, personal touch.

By the end of the workshop, the participants will have created their own comic strip sequence based on a scene from superhero movie, having learned to combine film narrative with comic book illustration techniques in a creative and original way.

NOTE: the Primer Plano school will provide all the materials required for the workshop. However, if participants wish, they can bring their own artist’s materials to draw, paint and colour their sequence.


Raquel Echeandía

Raquel Echeandía

This graduate in Fine Arts, majoring in Art Education, is currently completing a PhD on Creative design in the pre-production and dissemination of independent video games at the University of Alcalá de Henares, where she also teaches creativity and video game design. Raquel Echeandía is a multidisciplinary artist who has won several awards in painting, photography, video and storytelling competitions. Throughout her professional career she has specialised in the field of animation, a medium that enables her to experiment with the everyday, generating new techniques and visual languages.