My First Film Festival 2023

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4/11 — 19/11

Del 4 al 19 de novembre torna El Meu Primer Festival!

Film festival for boys and girls from 2 to 12 years old

The festival is a unique cinematic experience for the whole family, with more than a hundred films from all over the world, awards, votes, guest artists, creative workshops, film forums and much more!

Tràiler 2023
Gràfica del Festival 2023
Call for entries 2024

Submissions for the 17th Primer Festival de Cine are now OPEN until May 31st

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Joana Fonseca da Costa, de 12 años, ha ganado el IV Concurso de animación stop-motion en 30”
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Mi Primer Festival anuncia los ganadores de los concursos escolares
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