Let’s make a film with… Goizeder Urtasun!

Documentary film workshop
Recommended age
De 8 a 12 años
Approximate duration
720 min
Date and venue
Calle del Conde Duque, 11 28015 Madrid
11/04/2023 11:00 AM
Let’s make a film with… Goizeder Urtasun!
The Primer Plano film school for children and young people and the filmmaker Goizeder Urtasun present a workshop aimed at families who want to experience and have fun through film over two intensive weekends. 

The goal is to make a collective 3-5-minute documentary on the theme of the City of Madrid. The workshop approach combines theory and practice with fun, aiming to enable families to bond over film and its potential as a teaching tool. 

The starting point will be viewings of inspirational pieces with a view to constructing a collective script, after which filming will be planned in a space near Condeduque. Once the material has been created, it will be viewed by the whole group in order to agree the main lines of the work and the shape of a first cut. The workshop facilitator will complete the post-production process so that the festival audience can view the finished documentary. 

The workshop will take place over two weekends, with group work and a series of stages, ensuring that all participants, whatever their age, experience the different processes involved in making a film. They will see for themselves the consequences that decision-taking, teamwork, time pressure, and so on, have on work in the cinema industry. The collective documentary resulting from the workshop will be screened in the closing session of the festival, presented by its creators. 


Goizeder Urtasun

Goizeder Urtasun

Holder of degrees in Audiovisual Communication in Pamplona and in Script from ESCAC. She wrote, directed and photographed the full-length documentary Ximeneiak before collaborating in educational projects linked to culture, such as those promoted by the association A Bao a Qu.