Film-concert: the amazing Charley Bowers

Film-concert: the amazing Charley Bowers

Classics from film history
My First Film Festival returns and, with it, our classic film-concert. This year we remember the actor and director Charley Bowers through three of his works. And, although these are fictional short films, they also feature scenes made in stop-motion animation, a technique that fascinated Bowers.
Three reasons to watch this session
  1. 1
    Te sorprenderás con el ingenio artístico de Bowers, pionero en la introducción de técnicas de animación en películas de acción en vivo
  2. 2
    Disfrutarás de joyas rescatadas del cine mudo como en su época: ¡con música en directo!
  3. 3
    Descubrirás la comedia clásica con las historias más surrealistas e hilarantes


11/5/2023 – 5:00 PM
Jorge Gil Zulueta
Barcelona, Filmoteca de Catalunya
Jorge Gil Zulueta, pianist, composer and musicology director specialized in silent film piano accompaniment, will be in charge of giving music, through the keys of his piano, to the work of Charles Bowers.
11/19/2023 – 12:00 PM
The Silent Entertainers Band
Madrid, Condeduque
The music will be provided by The Silent Entertainers Band, a quartet that was born with the vocation of accompanying silent films through the funniest repertoire of the roaring 20s and thus reclaiming the cinema-concert as a spectacle for all audiences. The band is formed by composer Jorge Gil Zulueta on piano, Diana Valencia on violin, Javi Madrid on drums and Marcel Mihok on double bass. They will be accompanied on stage by actress Sara Checa, who will translate and interpret the intertitles.

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Film-concert: the amazing Charley Bowers

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Film-concert: the amazing Charley Bowers

The Silent Entertainers Band
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