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Q&A with Irene Iborra

Directora y animadora ¿Qué le pasa al cielo?
Approximate duration
20 min
Date and venue
Auditori de Sant Martí
Plaça d'Angeleta Ferrer, 2 08020 Barcelona
11/06/2022 1:00 PM
Q&A with Irene Iborra
In the “Talent km 0” session, the director, scriptwriter and stop-motion animator Irene Iborra will present her new short film, ¿Qué le pasa al cielo? [What’s Wrong with the Sky?].

She will tell young spectators all about what stop-motion animator and how she brings the characters in her story to life.


Irene Iborra

Irene Iborra

Irene Iborra is a scriptwriter, director and stop motion animator. Devoted to telling stories for young and old alike, she has directed short films seen in many countries and awarded prizes at national and international festivals, including Animamundi, Cinanima, Alcine and Animayo, among others. She is co-director of Citoplasmas Stop Motion Animation, an animation production company with which she also creates commercials.